Truly Understands.

Andre has provided very effective communications and branding guidance and services when we have worked together. His ability to “dig in” and truly understand an organization/initiative and then execute creative elements has been very valuable. I highly recommend Andre.

Brian Galloway
Portfolio Operations & Market Development Leader


A Great Asset.

I have done some work as a web designer where Andre has been the graphic person. He brought many qualities to the project that I find rare in the industry today. Here is a list of a few:

  • Intense dedication to the project
  • Availability for consult at all stages
  • Great care and assurance meeting your specifications
  • Responsive to adjustments and redesigns
  • Continuous communication and feedback throughout

I would consider Andre Paquin a great asset to any project and I, as someone who has worked with many graphic artists, would recommend him to any of my clients.

Bill Downs
Area Director
Business Networking International



During the time the boutique agency I was running was under Andre’s employ, I found him to be exceptionally knowledgeable, easy to work with, very fair, extremely creative, and a respected and trusted leader to his team. His knowledge of branding, design and the importance of on-brand copy are qualities that many claim, though few truly posssess. Andre truly possesses them. I personally and wholeheartedly recommend him.

Alan Dranow
Senior Director
Walmart Heritage Group


High Caliber Strategic Thinker.

It has been my pleasure to work with Andre Paquin for the past eleven years in a strong and productive partnership that has successfully produced numerous high-profile projects ranging from identity guidelines to new product launches and to annual reports. His strategic thinking and creativity is of the highest caliber. I have observed his management skills in guiding departmental personnel and in interfacing with clients and design and production resources. His competence commands respect and he is well-liked.

Andre’s breadth of knowledge is extensive and is current. He has kept pace with the explosive development of technology in marketing and particularly in the graphic arts. These capabilities aside, he is a person of uncompromising integrity and commitment – a rare and welcome partner in today’s business world.

Michael Rawitz
Sales Consultant
GJ Haerer


A Pleasure to Work With.

Andre was a pleasure to work with and provided the results we needed in a timely way – I would choose ALL the attributes above to describe him and his work.

Maryellen Kernaghan
Artistic Director
Plays For Living


A Solid Background.

Andre is a great resource with a solid background. He is always positive even when the situation is less than ideal. Andre is someone I have learned I can count on to follow through. He has helped me out of binds on the east coast so I could continue to deal with things on the west coast. I appreciate his character, sense of humor and professionalism. I continuously look for projects I might be able to bring him into, and would recommend others do the same.

Chris Pareja
B2B Power Exchange


Unusual. Ability.

Andre has an unusual ability to create succinct, powerful branding statements using graphic design and copywriting.

Stuart Cymbol
Printing Industry Professional


Brings Visions to Life.

Andre is a first level strategic thinker who knows how to bring marketing visions to life. He is a wonderful creative partner and good listener who believes in the value of a brand and doesn’t hesitate to deliver well beyond customer expectations. Don’t pass-up an opportunity to work with Andre.

Ray Shaw
Branding Design & Innovation Consultant

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