An annual report is one of the most visible pieces of communication a company can produce. It represents the brand essence of the organization while providing required financial information about the firm. So this means it is both utilitarian and a piece of high-profile public relations.

A good annual report will carry a theme throughout that is unique year-to-year. This book is the voice piece the senior leadership uses to communicate vision and values to shareholders and the public in general. It is a report of the year’s highlights and a statement about the future to come. It is simple and straightforward with a focus on making the complex easier to understand and visually stimulating.

An annual report can be the showpiece an organization spends resources on to ensure it best represents who they are and what they represent. A great annual report takes strategy and planning to ensure it represents the vision of the organization and meets the expectations of it’s senior leadership.

The annual report is a product of concerted design, imagery, color, typography, copy and creativity.