Marketing 101 – understand who your target audience is. The better you know them, the better job you’ll do at resonating with them through the messages, the visuals, the stories you tell. How do you get to know your audience? Here’s where that story will be told.

Connecting with your audience in today’s day and age is quite different and to understand that is to understand the millennial generation. Transparency and the truth go a long way. Fluff and deception are a big turn off. Sharing a bit of your soul makes for a better connection. People want to relate to you as an individual. Telling your story will be an important part of opening up to your customers and gaining their acceptance.

So how is messaging different from storytelling? You don’t have the time or the bandwidth to tell your lifestory every time you meet your customer, but you can consistently deliver a message that is aligned with your brand principles and gets your point across in a more direct way. It’s the compressed version of your story told in 140 characters – something a little easier to digest. Now that I’ve got time to hear.