Leg #2 of the 3-legged stool is the visual manifestation of your brand name – the logotype. Your logotype is the face of your brand identity.

Call it logo if you like. The logotype is usually made up of some key brand components. Your brand name is transformed using typography, color and iconography. Not all logos make use of graphic symbolism or an icon, but it can enhance communication effectiveness with it.

The development of a logotype is not a blue skies exercise. The parameters for design are established with the help of a creative strategy, an offshoot of the brand strategy that helps focus and direct designers to develop solutions that meet the objectives set by the strategy. As with the development of a name, a process of culling takes place by reviewing a long list to arrive at a focused short list for presentation. Once a selection has been made by the client the design can also be registered as a trademark, protecting it as a piece of intellectual property.