What’s in a name? The name you choose for your business could be the single most important part of your brand. Forget the fancy logos and slick websites. Those things are window dressing and icing on the cake. They don’t mean a thing if your name ain’t got that swing. Seriously, if your name doesn’t help you reach your audience and help them understand who you are and what your business is all about, then chances are your chances are slim in getting them to respond to your marketing. Yes, a name is one leg of a 3-legged stool with your tag line and logotype completing the trio. Together your name, demonstrated visually and supported by a tag line will help sharpen your aim and ensure you communicate effectively and hit your target.

Names run a wide gamut. There are names that are more distinctive because they sound like nothing you’ve ever or rarely ever heard of (ever heard of a google before the search engine made it a brand name?). The rule of thumb is that the more descriptive a name is the less distinctive it becomes. There are trade offs to using both types of names. A less descriptive name will take more energy to build brand awareness (read “we’re going to need a bigger budget”). Chances are that a name that is more descriptive will have a more difficult time registering it because it is less unique.

In order to create a name that is appropriate for your business it is important that we establish a rock solid brand strategy, understanding where your business should be positioned. Creating the name is kind of like target practice. We need to know what we’re aiming at before we pull the trigger (no, we are not a card carrying member of the NRA). We generate a wide range of names on what we call the long list. The long list yields a short list we share with you. The names that appeal to you and are on target are then cross checked against the US Patent and Trademark registry for availability and ownership. Lastly, we involve a trademark attorney to formally register the name.

What’s in a name? Quite a lot.