In the business of branding, the tag line is not in the spotlight like the logotype is, but the supporting role it plays is extremely important. Now, you’ll not find everyone in my business promoting the importance of this component of branding. This is a key distinction that I believe is a critical component in branding. This is the 3rd leg of the 3-legged stool. I believe that without the tag line your brand is less effective and risks missing your target. A great tag line will work in tandem with your brand name to deliver an “aha!” that ensures that your name makes sense to your audience and that the enhancements through graphic design are even more effective.

The development of an effective tag line stems back to the brand strategy again. As with the development of the brand name and logotype, the brand strategy helps set the parameters for what is an acceptable range for consideration. We create a long list of options and present a short list for your consideration. In most cases, our presentations for the tag line are stand alone only to be paired with the brand name in simple text, not enhanced in any graphical way. We want you to react to the concept and copy, not any additional design elements that graphic design would add to the logotype.